A year ago, we dreamed of creating the ultimate vehicle of change and wanted to take this moment to share our beautiful journey with you.

We believe basketball helps create a more connected world by combining charitable giving with basketball, art projects, and political activism.  We went above and beyond what we originally sat out to do. 

7 Courts built 
3 transformations / Redesigns of the bus
150+ Communities actions 
8+ National News stories 
31 states visited
12,000 Miles traveled 
580 Miles marched for BLM
200+ survival hoops installed
1000+ balls donated
1000+ shoes donated 
100,000+ lives impacted 
Millions inspired around the world.
Our goals for 2021 are to renovate a court in every state, build more busses around the globe, and spreading unconditional love through basketball. 

We will be using these donations for funding court renewals, murals, rebuilds and more! Your generosity helps us have the ability to empower the youth and bring the people together through the power of art & basketball. After all, this is the people’s bus.

Jump on it!
Thank you so much,
Hoopbus Fam.