Pop Up 'n Play

Pop Up n' Play with the Hoopbus!

The Hoopbus is the perfect attraction to get everyone in your organization to play! Great for getting kids and adults to your school, office or retail location. Our crew  makes sure everyone gets a bucket on the bus! 

What is the Hoopbus?

The Hoopbus is a converted 40ft yellow school bus that includes basketball hoops on the front and back, a custom interior and bangin' stereo. The unique design of the Hoopbus helps get creative juices flowing and breaks down mental barriers.

Buy One, Gift One!

For every event purchased we will gift one event to a non-profit or school! We can source or work together to select a recipient.


We are based on the streets of Los Angeles, and also make stops during nationwide tours. Standard events are 4 hours and include 4 team members. We have optional upgrades for more talent, time or entertainment options. Requires parking lot with area to play.

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